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Brookmost Pty Ltd is a Commercial Mercantile Agency that was incorporated in 1992 and has a network of professional agents Australia-wide. Our managing director has been involved in the repossession sector for over 30 years and has held executive positions in our industry's peak body, the Institute of Mercantile Agents.

The company comprises of professionals with substantial experience and expertise in process serving, repossessions, investigations, and skip tracing. Brookmost is one of Australia's largest and most respected Mercantile Agency serving and providing field support services to some of Australia's major legal, financial and corporate organisations.

Our primary objectives are to provide providing an efficient, compliant and economical service to our clients and to continually strive for complete client satisfaction. 


Our field call services assist clients in making informed decisions on what course of recovery will achieve the best recovery result. Field calls can be an efficient and cost effective way to update your customer's details or simply verify additional information. A field call (door knock) will confirm if the subject still resides at the address. Should the subject still be at the address the subject will be interviewed as to his/her current financial situation and ability to pay the debt. This is a great tool to confirm a debtor’s attitude and residency which can assist in evaluating the recovery prospects or the benefits of commencing legal proceedings. Should you wish to discuss our field call services, please do not hesitate to contact our field services team on 1300 BROOKMOST (1300276656) or via email on  


Brookmost has the proud reputation as being known as a specialist Repossession Company servicing all areas of Australia. We ensure that every possible legal means will be used to recover your assets. Our team of specialist repossession agents have all been fully trained in the legislations and requirements covering repossessions. Brookmost has the infrastructure to handle large commercial recoveries for liquidators, finance companies and other financial institutions via our custom-built software system. Should you wish to discuss how we can assist you with our repossession services, please do not hesitate to contact our repo team on 1300 REPOSSESS (1300 737677) or via email on


Our business has been built on the back of our 25 years of experience within the process serving industry. We have a reputation of being the best in the business and being able to resolve difficult matters. We are specialist in the serving all court documents however are recognised specialist in the serving of all family law/federal court documents (Divorce ). To allow us to efficiently handle and track large volumes of process serving assignments, we have developed our software management system to enable the ability to batch upload new job instructions. This allows us to increase our turnaround times dramatically and increases reduces the risk of human input error especially when uploading large volumes off file. Should you wish to discuss our process serving services, please do not hesitate to contact our process serving team on 1300 BROOKMOST (1300276656) or via email on 


Your personal information will be securely stored within the Brookmost network in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and other applicable legislation. You may request a copy of your personal information that we will hold on file at any time using the Privacy Personal Information Request form.


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